WARNING: Our products may contain nicotine. BestEcig electronic cigarettes and eliquids containing nicotine are addictive. Intended for use by existing smokers aged 18 years (21 years where applicable) or over, as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Not to be used by children, pregnant or breast feeding women or persons in ill health. If unsure of use please consult your doctor. BestEcig Ireland products are not intended as a nicotine replacement therapy or as a smoking cessation product. If you have allergies to the ingredients in BestEcig Ireland products… do not use. https://www.bestecig.ie copyright 2017


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E-Cig and Vaping Accessories
E-Cig & Vaping Accessories

E-Cig Vaping Case

eGo type (14mm) Electronic Cigarette Lanyard & E-Smart type (10mm) Lanyard (with Silicone rubber ring).

The Silicone ring will allow the band to expand and grip your e-cig model tightly.


These are the eGo vaping Carry Cases. They are quite spacious inside and can be used to keep all your e-cigarettes batteries, atomizers, chargers etc in one convenient pack.

This is the eGo e-cig pouch. Leather pouch to hold your eGo e-cig model e-cig.

2 sizes to choose from. Small & Large with 3 colours of Black,White and Red.

E-Cig Pouch

These are eGo silicon holders. These silicon holders are soft and light, but have a strong suction on most any type of smooth surfaces including wood and laminate.

14mm Suckers

These are E-Cig Holders. These plastic holders are ideal for keeping your e-cig safe and handy. They have a strong adhesive and will stick on most any type of smooth surfaces.

11mm-16mm holder

A heavy duty metal holder stand for eGo type e-cigs.

Can fit all eGo series batteries and atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers. Very handy to keep your 14mm batteries,  secure.

Metal Stand-Holder

E-Liquid Injector: This is a 2.5 ml / 0.8 gauge e-liquid injector with blunt needle. Also available in 5 ml / 1.2 gauge (used for the thicker consistency of VG liquid).

E-Liquid Injector

Needle Bottle Ecig Injection Bottle: This is a 10 ml e-liquid bottle, with a blunt needle tip for refilling e-liquid into any atomizer, cartomizer, clearomizer or tank etc.

Lanyards E-Cig Carry Case E-Cig Holder 14mm Silicon Suckers E-Cig Car Holder eGo Metal Holder Injector

Needle Bottle

Needle Bottle

Made of 100% cotton that has not been chemically treated, bleached or pigmented, huge vape and pure taste.

Organic Cotton

Japanese Organic Cotton Sheets AC USB Plug - IRE-UK 3 pin type

AC USB 3 Plug Adapter

2 IN 1 Car charger (home&Car) kit includes:

1 x 2 IN 1 Car charger (home&Car) 1 x USB A/M to DC3.5 Retractable Cable (75cm length)

510 driptip which will fit all types of clearomizers and tanks which have a 510 mouthpiece connection.

Delrin and Stainless Steel available

2 in 1 USB Adapter

2 in 1 USB Plug Adapter

510 Drip Tips

510 Drip Tips

Ire/UK/Euro AC Input:

Parameters :

AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 100mA

Output: DC5V 500mA

18650 Battery Cell Sleeve

18650 Silicon Sleeves

Will fit 18650 battery cells.

Nitecore charger and other eGo chargers including eGo vapetray etc.

Dual 1 amp and 2 amp car USB adapter.


Nitecore Charger

USB Car Adapter

Dual USB Car Adapter - 1 Amp / 2 Amp