We will not say BestEcig are the best of all manufacturers or vendors.

We would need to inspect all manufacturers and vendors and do this on a consistent basis to make this claim “we are the best of the best”.

What we will say is this. We will always strive to give all of our customers the highest and best quality. We will also match a high quality product with an efficient service.

BestEcig have been manufacturing electronic cigarettes since 2007 so we know a thing or two about electronic cigarettes and e-liquid. We also have a consistent and reliable customer base and there is good reason for that too.

Because we manufacture all of our own products, we have full control over the quality of our products and to this end, you can feel assured you will receive a high quality product at a very reasonable price with a great customer service.

BestEcig have always insisted on only using high quality materials to manufacture our goods. Simply put, BestEcig can assure all of our customers they will always receive our best efforts to deliver high quality products at a very competitive price with a great service to match.

A few quick points just to let you know how BestEcig do things…



We adopt medical grade high quality nicotine, not cheaper nicotine and our VG/PG bases are food grade, come from Malaysia and have been purified from natural plant, by biological technology, according to the standard "nicotine replacement" principle.

At BestEcig, not only is our finished e-liquid stored under tightly controlled climate conditions, but our base ingredients are as well. This ensures that when you receive your BestEcig E-liquid, you are getting the freshest product possible.





Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us by

email or phone.

Email: thebestecig@gmail.com

Phone: 01 8958 300

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