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Customers Please Note:

As you may or may not be aware, new regulations will come into force on the 20th of May 2017.

These are new EU regulations (Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40(EU) Article 20….commonly known as the TPD Regulations) regarding electronic cigarettes. It is a complex document so we will only give you a summary of how the main points will probably effect you.

You can find the full EU regulations here:

however, they are very complex and the summary above will most lightly be sufficient to let you know how they will effect you going forward from 20th May 2017.

What to we think of the Regulations?

We at BestEcig Ireland find the only useful piece of EU legislation is the toxicological  and emissions testing of products. We feel all the rest are unnecessary and make no logical sense.

Need we say more ?

These are of course, our humble ‘opinions’…and no more than that. We are sure you will have your own.

Our new website is ready for the TPD rules and regulations and all products are TPD compliant. Please close this window when you are finished and you will find a link to our new website BestVape Ireland. We will still keep the BestEcig Ireland live until we are happy all our customers have the link to our new BestVape Ireland website.

Rest assured, we will be giving our best efforts to bring all our customers the same high quality, best value and usual customer service on our new BestVape Ireland website.  


Paul and the BestEcig team.

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