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eGo Mini Protank Electronic Cigarette (650 mAh Chrome)
eGo Mini Protank Glassomizer (Black)
eGo Mini Protank Electronic Cigarette Glassomizer
Mini Protank Replacement Heads (5pk)
Mini Protank Glassomizers

The eGo Mini Protank Glassomizer is a mini sized bottom feeding coil with a changeable glass tank clearomizer (Glassomizer) . It is one of the most innovating ego series versions with a Pyrex glass surround providing the best environment for e-liquid. The heating coil is placed at the bottom which gives it a gravity flow system to absorb e-liquid. (Also see below)

It has an exchangeable atomizing head too, so anyone can easy exchange/wash the coil head inside and keep the Protank glassomizer clean.The eGo Protank Mini is the latest Clearomizer (glassomizer) designed to work with all eGo Series batteries and have replacement parts.

Can be filled directly from e-liquid dropper bottle, needle bottle or syringe.

Colours : Black, Clear, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow.

Includes :  Tip & tube, atomizing head and base with no welding or solder.

Mini Protank Replaceable Parts: Click here to get replaceable parts)

Characteristics :

Manufacturer: BestEcig

Cartridge Capacity : 1.5 ml

Diameter : 14 mm

Length : 75 mm

Weight : 33 g

Standard Resistance : 2.8 Ohms

Low Resistance : 2.0 Ohms

Wicking: Cotton (Please note: All Cotton wicks must always be primed before 1st use eg: Either place e-liquid directly on cotton wick or allow cotton wick to soak for 3 minutes before 1st use.

eGo Mini Protank & H-2 Universal Atomizing Heads (SC)

Characteristics : (Single Coil)

Diameter: 8.5 mm, Length: 22 mm, Weight: 5 g

Wicking Material: Organic Cotton.


Standard Resistance: 2.8 Ohms

Low Resistance: 2.0 Ohms

Wicking Material: Japanese Organic Puff Cotton  

Quantity: 5 pcs/pk

Compatible with: eGo Protank, Mini Protank, Protank-2 Glassomizers, H2 clearomizer, eVod and other types.

Mini Protank  Replacement Heads

Mini Protank  Replacement Parts

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