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MBCC Clearomizers

The iGo MBCC (Mini Bottom Coil Clearomizer) electronic cigarette clearomizer  is a bottom feeding clearomizer. This model uses aluminium and a food grade plastic to keep this model very light in weight.

The heating coils are placed at the bottom of the clearomizer which give it a gravity flow system to absorb e-liquid. The MBCC has an exchangeable/replaceable atomizing head too which makes replacing the coil head simple and very economical.

The heads use a push in/pull out system to replace, making it the simplest way to replace a head. With replaceable heads, light aluminium and food grade plastic, this model will accommodate average to heavy e-cig users.

Model: MBCC Clearomizer Specifications:

MBCC Clearomizer Manufacturer: Kangzhouer

MBCC Clearomizer Size: 75 mm w/tip

MBCC Clearomizer Colour: Black,Clear,Blue,Pink,Red

MBCC Clearomizer Capacity: 1.6ml

MBCC Clearomizer Coil: Single Coil / Replaceable Heads

MBCC Clearomizer Resistance: 2.4 Ohms / 1.8 Ohms

MBCC Clearomizer Thread: Fit eGo/510 threading

MBCC Clearomizer Wick: Bottom Feeding / Short Wicks

MBCC Clearomizer Packaging Detail: Single

MBCC Clearomizer Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China

MBCC Clearomizer Certificate:CE / RoHS / FCC

MBCC Replacement Heads

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