How to use Kore Tank   

Summary: Introduction to KORE sub ohm Adjustable Airflow Tank Glassomizer;

 How to assemble KORE Tank ; How to refill e-liquid to KORE tank ; How to adjust the KORE airflow ;How to clean KORE Tank ; Cautions with the KORE Tank;

Instruction: The KORE Sub-Ohm tank clearomizer's innovative fully adjustable TOP AIR INTAKE design is 100% leak-free and allows maximum filling capacity. The sub ohm tank/clearomizers features replaceable coils heads which can be vaped at less than 1 ohm. There are various types of replacement coils available to best suit your needs. These sub-ohm coils are built with 100% USA made resistance wires and organic cotton for enhanced vapour production and a cleaner, more flavourful vape. The KORE design is very easy to maintain, carry and refill.

In order to be able to use these coils, you will need a device that fires down to the Ohm level of the coil you intend to use. So if you want to use the 0.5ohm coils you will need a high powered device capable of firing down to 0.5ohm. Check the specs of your device first before you purchase yourself a sub ohm tank, as you might need to upgrade your device as well.

Box Mods work particularly well with the new sub ohm tanks.



Resistance: BTC(Bottom Turbine Coil) Ni-200 0.2Ω ,0.5Ω, 1.0Ω, optional, work with 7  to 200 Watts

Diameter: 22 mm

Length: 74mm (with tip)

Net weight: 59 g

Material: Body: 304 stainless steel

Tank Tube: Pyrex glass

Coil Head: 100% USA made resistance wire

Wicking Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Airflow: 2 faced airflow valves

Top adjustable airflow control, no leaking easy to refill, airflow control

E-liquid capacity: About 3.5ml

KORE Sub-Ohm tank clearomizer kit includes:

1 Pyrex Glass Tip

1 KORE Sub-Ohm Tank Body with Airflow Control

2 KORE Sub Ohm Coil Heads (0.5 Ohm)

1 KORE Sub-Ohm Tank Bottom Base

1 Clear Case

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KORE Airflow Adjustment KORE Exploded View KORE Top Airflow KORE Replaceable Heads KORE Glassomizer


How to assembly KORE Sub-Ohm tank:

1: Screw the Airflow Adjustment Base off the KORE Sub-Ohm tank body.

(Keep each part of KORE Sub-Ohm tank Tank still attached)

2: Screw the Coil Head into the bottom Base. (always prime the cotton wick with e-liquid before first use).

(Make sure the Coil Head is screwed down hand tight).

3: Snugly screw the KORE Sub-Ohm tank body to the bottom Base and your done !

How to fill e-liquid to the KORE Sub-Ohm tank:

1: Screw the Airflow Adjustment Base off the KORE sub-ohm tank body.

(Tip: the Sub ohm Coil Head can be loosed with the Bottom Base… if so, check and tighten it again).

2: Fill e-liquid into the space between the Stainless Tube Tank and the Centre Metal Tube. Prime the head by putting some e-liquid directly onto the cotton. (it is vital the cotton is wet before first use).

(DO NOT over fill or get e-liquid into the centre shaft…that’s for airflow).

3: Screw the Airflow Adjustment Base back onto the KORE Sub-Ohm tank body and your done !

How to Adjust KORE Sub-Ohm tank Airflow:

The airflow system on the KORE sub ohm system tank has 4 holes:

4 x 3 SQ  MM = 12 SQ MM intake holes, which provides plenty of air to the coils. The airflow system is easy to change and slides smoothly into place. Simply rotate the Airflow ring to your preferred size and your done !

How to Clean KORE Sub-Ohm tank:

When necessary, clean the components (except the KORE sub ohm coil head) by washing with clean water, and air-drying the components and your done !

Tips/Suggestions/Recommendations for the KORE Sub-Ohm tank:

A Few Things You Should Know About Sub Ohm Vaping:

1) Have a good understanding of Voltage, Resistance, Power, and Current with regards to vaping. This seems overwhelming at first and written in a foreign language but you will get the hang of it.

2) You will need the right vape equipment, which is a battery with a high continuous discharge. Cheap generic batteries, even though they are the correct dimensions, will not do the job. Go for a Samsung, AW or Sony battery capable of reaching these levels. If you buy replaceable batteries, then a smart charger will also be wise. Next you will require an ohm reader. This is so so important. Do not just try to see if it works, do not guess, they are relatively cheap and easy to use. Occasionally e-cigs have ohm readers built in, so you are able to read resistance levels without an ohm reader. Then just a case of adequate wire, wool, and a decent RBA.

3) You make a coil, test a coil, and its fine. But it doesn’t always stay that way. Make regular checks with your ohm reader, change batteries regularly, and if you notice your e-cig getting warm when you are not using it, chances are the coil has produced a short circuit somewhere and is drawing juice from your battery, basically being “stuck on”.

Reasons why Sub Ohm Tanks might not be for you

Despite sub ohm tanks being all the rage these days, there are a few good reasons you might not enjoy using one.

Firstly if you don’t want massive clouds of vapour and want to stealth vape, then sub ohm tanks are most definitely not for you.

Secondly if you are looking for a mouth to lung style inhale like you would get from smaller clearomizers, then sub ohm tanks won’t be for you. Sub ohm tanks have air flow options, but are best used with wide air flow. When you restrict the air flow the vapour tends to get very hot as the coil isn’t receiving enough air flow. This means you will need to direct lung inhale which might not be for everyone.

Thirdly, sub ohm tanks will get through a lot of e-liquid because of the amount of vapour they produce. This means you will get through more nicotine, so be sure to use an e-liquid with less nicotine in it. Use 0.3 mg or 0 mg when you vape on the sub ohm tanks. If you don’t want to use a lot of e-juice, it’s not recommend using sub ohm tanks.

Lastly the sub ohm tanks are not tiny with the majority being around 22 mm. This isn’t great for those who are looking for something very portable and lightweight.

Do bear these points in mind before you purchase your first sub ohm clearomizer as they might not be for everyone. We use them everyone now and then, but for us they aren’t our all day vape because of the clouds and amount of e-juice they get through. However, going back to other tanks you realise just how good the flavour is, on the sub ohm tanks. That is a big reason why people decide to purchase them. That said, you may find it hard to return to regular clearomizers after using the bigger tanks and all that come with them.