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iStick 30 Watt Sub Ohm Battery

The iStick 30w is upgraded and based on the expanding range of output voltage and wattage devices . Under the support of a built in 2200 mAh battery capacity, it will give you great performance between 2V-8V or 5W-30W. Newly introduced spring connector, wear-resistant stainless steel thread, and streamlined design on top make the iStick 30W more suitable for a full range of atomizers and clearomizers. The added button lock functionality protects the buttons and prolongs the overall service life. The iStick 30W is the perfect size for convenience and discretion and with 2200 mAh of battery longevity and up to 30 Watts of adjustable power, it is one the best all rounders you can get.

iStick 30W Parameters:

Dimensions: 23.0mm x 32.5mm x 77.0mm

Weight: 95 g

Colour: Black, Sliver

Capacity: 2200 mAh

Thread Type: 510 Thread

Rated output Power: 2V - 8V & 5W-30W

Rated resistance range: 0.4Ω-

Characteristics / Features

1. Expanded range of output voltage/wattage: With the voltage lowest to 2V and highest to 8V, wattage lowest to 5W and highest to 30W, the iStick 30W can support sub ohm coils as low as 0.4 Ohms… ahead of other products at the same level.

2. Spring Connector and Stainless Steel Thread: Newly introduced spring connector insures high adaptability and durability. The connecting thread is made of stainless steel which makes it more hard-wearing and durable.

3. New Streamlined Design on Top: This kind of design enables the iStick 30W to be assembled perfectly with 22mm & 23mm diameter atomizers.

4. Arrow Button Lock Functionality: Keep pressing the up-arrow button and down arrow button simultaneously for 2 seconds when the battery is on and they will be ‘locked’ to avoid unintentional presses. You can do the same operation to unlock them & of course, 5 clicks to switch completely On or Off.

5. The iStick’s Convenient Size and Simple Use: OLED Display, matched with a 2200 mAh battery, adjustable voltage and wattage with Sub Ohm capabilities as low as 0.4 Ohms, keeps this little fella top of the class.

iStick 30 Watt Electronic Cigarette Battery

How to Use   iStick_30W_User_Manual.pdf

Adjust the voltage/wattage:

Press the up-and-down arrow buttons to increase or decrease the voltage/wattage. Keep pressing the up/down arrow button, voltage/wattage will increase or decrease slowly at first, then they will increase/decrease at a constant high speed. The number will stop increasing/decreasing when you loosen the up/down arrow button.

Lock and Unlock:

Keep pressing the up-arrow button and down-arrow button simultaneously for 2 seconds when the battery is on and this will lock (screen will display ‘Locked’) the screen from any unwanted changes. Pressing the same buttons simultaneously again for 2 seconds will unlock them and the screen will show  “Unlock”. Through these operations, you can protect the buttons from unintentional presses and prolong their service life.

Switch the display mode:

Keep pressing up-arrow button and down-arrow button simultaneously for 2 seconds when the battery is in the ‘Off’ position and the screen display will rotate 180 degrees. You can view the screen from two kinds of angle through this operation.

How to charge:

iStick 30W is charged through a USB port at the bottom of battery. It will take approximately 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery via a 1 amp wall adaptor.

The battery level indicator on the OLED screen will keep flashing during charging. When fully charged, the indicator will stop flashing and stay on for 15 seconds before going out. Your battery will then be fully charged.