Step 3: Fill e-liquid into the eGo H-2 clear tank tube.

Using an e-liquid bottle or syringe, fill the eGo H-2 clear tube by inserting e-liquid down the inside wall of the clearomizer. Tip: Tilt clearomizer slightly. (Do not fill e-liquid in the centre hole, that’s for air flow). Tip: Blow through mouthpiece/tube every time you refill to remove any condensation from previous vaping. (this stops flooding of  the head)

Caution: Over filling the clearomizer can lead to liquid spilling into the centre hole which in turn may cause leaking. ie: Do not fill above 2.0 ml marker.

Step 4: Screw the eGo H2 bottom base back into the eGo H2 tube again.

On/Off: 5-click safety cutoff. The initial state of the battery setting is Off, click the power button five times within 2 seconds to turn On the battery and five times again (within 2 seconds) to turn Off the battery.

Operation: The eGo H-2 e-cig only works when you press the eGo battery button.

Press the button and gently inhale at the same time.

Do not suck too hard …use gentle inhalations...Less is more.

How to charge the eGo battery:

Screw the eGo battery into the USB charger, then plug it into a PC or AC-USB Adapter

(or mobile portable power pack).

 It is recommended the battery is charged for approximately 8 hours for the 1st charge. Normal charging time thereafter should be kept until the charger light turns green. (approximately 3 hours).

Finish : Screw the completed eGo H2 Clearomizer onto the eGo battery.

Allow  about 3 minutes for “new” coil head to “absorb” liquid. (No waiting time required for subsequent fillings). Press the battery button and “gently” inhale at the same time.

Step 1: Pull off the e-liquid bottle lid & Cut off the bottle tip (10 ml bottles)

To assemble and use your eGo H-2  electronic cigarette.   

Step 2: Unscrew the H-2 bottom base from the eGo H2 tube.

BestEcig Ireland - Electronic Cigarette Store How to charge your eGo battery

Step 1: Unscrew the eGo H-2 tube from eGo bottom base.

Step 2: Unscrew the old eGo H-2 coil head from the top of the eGo H-2 base assembly.

Step 3: Screw the new eGo H2 coil head into the eGo H2 bottom base.

* Tip: It may sound obvious but a loose coil head can cause leaking.

Step 4: Screw the eGo H-2 tube back into the eGo H-2 bottom base.

How to change the Coil Head on eGo H-2 clearomizer.

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