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eGo Varivolt LCD USB Battery (Black) includes USB charger lead
eGo Varivolt LCD USB Battery (White) includes USB charger lead
eGo Varivolt LCD USB Battery (Chrome) includes USB charger lead
eGo Varivolt LCD USB Battery (Boxed) includes USB charger lead

ego 650/1100 Varivolt LCD USB Battery

This is the eGo Varivolt LCD USB electronic cigarette battery fitted to a multitude of eGo type electronic cigarette models , e.g. , eGo-T / eGo-W / eGo-C / eGo- CE Series / Protank / eVod / Aspire etc and is a long life lithium-ion 3.7 volt  650 mAh or 1100 mAh rechargeable manual battery. 100% Unused cell (not recycled cell).

Auto cut out feature to protect atomizer and 5 second On/Off feature.

The eGo Variable Voltage battery is adjustable from 3.0-6.0v in 0.1 increments. It features a blue LCD screen that not only shows the output voltage but also your remaining battery life and how many "puffs" you have taken since the last charging process. Provides a USB port at the bottom and can be used as a USB Passthrough meaning you can vape at your computer while the battery is charging. You can charge using a computer, universal AC-USB adaptor or Car charger etc or USB port directly.

Colours : Black, Chrome

Please Note : As with all devices or chargers connected to a computer via a USB port…please read and fully understand what your computer USB port is capable of as each computer will have its own USB voltage regulation/acceptance levels.

If unsure, always charge your batteries via an AC USB plug adapter.

Characteristics :

Battery Cell: Desay

Name : eGo LCD Variable Voltage USB Passthrough Battery

Diameter: 14 mm

Length: (650/1100) 115/140 mm

Weight: (650/1100)

37/44 grams battery unit / with USB cable and package - 1100- 67/80 gram

Content of battery : Li-polymer, 650 mAh & 1100 mAh available

Input : 5 volt / 500 mAh

Normal Working Voltage: 3.0v-6.0v (0.1v increments)

Charge time: 3-5 hours depending on size

Button type: Hard Plastic

Battery protection function: Yes

USB Passthrough charging: Yes

Micro USB charging port/Passthrough,

Length of USB cable: 1 m

eGo Varivolt LCD USB Passthrough Electronic Cigarette Battery:

Advantages :

How to use eGo LCD Variable Voltage USB Passthrough battery

1), Output voltage range: 3.0-6.0 V, press “+” or “-” button to adjust the output voltage in 0.1V increments each time.

2), Lock down output voltage: When the required output voltage is set, simultaneously hold down “+” and “-” buttons for 5 seconds, then the voltage adjustment function can be locked or released.

1), The " Puffs" counter will return to "0" when you charge the battery.

2), Click the power button 5 times to turn OFF the battery. Press the power button again for 5 seconds to turn ON the battery. The LCD backlight lights and the " Puffs" counter will be at "0".

1), When the battery capacity symbol in LCD screen flashes, it means low battery.

2). Please use the mini USB cord to connect the USB socket at bottom of the battery to charge.

3). The Light in LCD screen is turned on and the battery capacity symbol flashes during charging. When the light goes off and battery capacity symbol is full, the charging is completed. Attention: It can not be charged from the battery screw end like ordinary eGo batteries. Must only be charged with special Polymer charger included.