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CML : Cool, Mild and Long lasting flavours for CML are natural, smooth flavoured with a hint of bergamot.

In this flavour we have combined a blend of Turkish and Virginia tobacco flavours.

Our customers have told us this is the closest we have  to Camel type flavour.

Cigar Flavour : Like your smoking a cigar, the aromas in the tobacco over time, to impart a subtle and pleasant taste.

Everything Else

Capital D: Capital D is a popular mild to medium tobacco flavour.

Our customers have told us this is the closest we have  to Dunhill type flavour.

Flue cured Tobacco : Also known as Bright or Virginia Tobacco, composed of 100% flue-cured Gold Leaf tobacco, with no chemical flavourings or casings & the wonderful tobacco aroma shines through. Flu Cured is one of our most popular flavours of e-cigarette e-liquid.

French Pipe : A mild woody pipe flavour just like your auld dad used to smoke. This is not a strong pipe flavour.

HLT : A more aromatic tobacco taste in its flavour.

Our customers have told us this is the closest we have  to Hilton type flavour.

MLB  Flavour : A mild tobacco flavour that is very popular with all our customers.

Our customers have told us this is the closest we have  to Marlboro type flavour.

Menthol : Mint tobacco, one of the classics, this mint has a great icy taste and very rich smoke. Tastes just like your menthol tobacco, but without the tobacco !

Sevens: Has our own unique taste with a dense smoke and a pleasant tobacco taste.

Regular Tobacco : Original tobacco flavour, heavy tobacco flavour. Easily our most popular e-liquid flavour for users who want that tobacco flavour.

RY-4 Flavour : Caramel Vanilla Blend, unique and strong tobacco flavour.

A popular flavour with tobacco smokers.

3 & 5 : Strong , yet mild and pleasant.

Apple: The apple flavour has a subtle hint of anis (like a black liquorice). The smoke is nice and thick.

Bubblegum…Sweet tasting bubblegum for all  bubblegum fans.

Blueberry : Is an Original Fumari Flavour that melts in your mouth with fresh-from-the-oven flavour. It tastes like a favourite breakfast pastry - buttery and bursting with blueberry flavour! You will enjoy big, delicious clouds of smoke with every puff.

Brandy : Like smelling the aroma of a good Brandy from a snifter glass.  

Cappuccino : Warm, rich and creamy. Too bad you can't put a little swirl on the top! Attention coffee lovers, enjoy a delicious cup of cappuccino any time of day without the caffeine with this cappuccino flavoured e-liquid. It’s coffee Jim, but not as we know it. Another one of the favourites.

Caramel : Chewy, sweet and rich, just like it’s supposed to be.

Champagne : Champagne flavour is a truly unique flavour, a sophisticated taste with a hint of grape.

Why not celebrate your new e-cig experience with champagne !

Cherry : This cherry flavour is sweet, but not too strong.

Chocolate : Heavy chocolate taste with excellent finish and that unmistakable hint of

chocolate aroma… ummmmm.

Clove : Like your smoking a clove cigarette, spicy and sweet, with a somewhat penetrating flavour.

Coconut : Coconut flavour is thick and rich with a mild coconut flavour and aroma.

Coffee : The smell of coffee, like drinking a cup of strong coffee and that

coffee smell in your mouth.

Cola : It tastes just like cola & has a thick, flavourful smoke.

Fruit Mix : Mixed Fruit is another one of the classics. The taste is sweet, resembling a blend of several fruits, sweet taste and it has a nice smoke to it.

Ginseng with Vitamins : (Exclusive to BestEcig). A little bitter, like ginseng taste. This e-liquid flavour is only available in Zero (0 mg) nicotine.  

Grape : This grape tastes more like a candy kind of grape.

Orange : Fresh and juicy, just like yur morning orange juice.

Pineapple : Pineapple’s so smooth, it’s almost kind of creamy.

The pineapple flavour is great.

Crazy Cow: If your a Red Bull fan, then your gonna love this e-liquid flavour.

Strawberry : Another one of the classics, has a pleasant, lighter tasting flavour. Reminds us most of strawberry jam.

Strong Mint : Mint tobacco, similar to menthol but has a more mintier taste. Our customers have said it has a more a mintier taste than Menthol, however, although the name says “strong” mint, it shouldn’t be confused as  “strong” Menthol. It has been described as more of a milder taste than Menthol.

Unflavoured/Tasteless : Tasteless flavour, DIY e-liquid, you can use it/mix it to boost or lower the strength of other flavoured e-liquids or use it to create your own e-liquid flavours with flavourings available elsewhere. It really is actually quite good just by itself !

Vanilla : With a mellow French Vanilla flavour, sweet and smooth vanilla taste

Lemon : The bitter taste of lemon.

Banana: A light banana flavour and taste that is not too sweet.

Peach : Sweet and mild tasting peach.

European Shipping : Please Note
CML Cigar Capital D Flu Cured French Pipe HLT MLB Menthol Sevens Regular Tobacco Brandy Cappuccino Caramel Cherry Champagne Chocolate Cola Fruit Mix Ginseng Red Bull Pineapple RY - 4 3 & 5 Apple Banana Bluberry Bubble Gum Clove Coconut Coffee Orange Peach Grape Lemon Strawberry Strong Mint Vanilla Whiskey Unflavoured

Tobacco Flavours

Whiskey : A mild Whiskey flavour for the coinsures.

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Cigar flavour eliquid E-liquid Flavour Flu Cured French Pipe flavour eliquid E-liquid Flavour Menthol E-liquid Flavour Regular Tobacco E-liquid Flavour Ry4




 3 & 5




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20ml E-Liquid Bottle

100% VG eliquid

100% PG eliquid

100%  Flavour (concentrate)

Flavouring only - 0% nicotine


Watermelon : A sweet and light Watermelon flavour that’s great for an all day vape.

Apple flavour eliquid Banana flavour eliquid Brandy flavour eliquid Cappuccino flavour eliquid Caramel flavour eliquid E-liquid Flavour Cherry E-liquid Flavour Clove Coconut flavour eliquid E-liquid Flavour Coffee E-liquid Flavour Cola Fruit Mix flavour eliquid E-liquid Flavour Grape E-liquid Flavour Orange E-liquid Flavour Pineapple Strawberry flavour eliquid E-liquid Flavour Strong Mint E-liquid Flavour Vanilla E-liquid Flavour Lemon Banana flavour eliquid E-liquid Flavour Peach E-liquid Flavour Whiskey E-liquid Flavour Whiskey

Remember…If you like a flavour but want more flavour…get a flavour concentrate to add to your e-liquid.

(We recommend 2 ‘drops’ of concentrate for every 10ml of e-liquid to give you a stronger flavour, however, you can add as many drops as you like to suit your preferences.

And don’t be afraid to experiment either by maybe adding a couple of drops of say…Menthol Concentrate to your 10ml of Strawberry e-liquid to give it a Strawberry flavour with a Menthol kick !

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