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510+ Electronic Cigarette Clearomizer

The 510+ is a slim and elegant electronic cigarette clearomizer.

It’s clearomizer can hold up to 1.3ml of e-liquid and can attach to the 360 mAh 510+ rechargeable battery. You simply remove the mouthpiece, pour your e-liquid into the clearomizer, replace the mouthpiece and your ready to go.


The MBCC (Mini Bottom Changeable Coil) electronic cigarette clearomizer  is a bottom feeding clearomizer. This model uses aluminium and a food grade plastic to keep this model very light in weight.


MBCC Electronic Cigarette Clearomizer Buy Now Buy Now E-Cig Clearomizers

The iGo-W electronic cigarette clearomizer holds up to 2.4ml of e-liquid and has a very sleek appearance with it mouthpiece cover when not in use. It uses a disposable clearomizer so you only need to fill with e-liquid and replace when necessary.

With a 2.4ml capacity and a visible scale to show how much e-liquid is remaining.



iGo-W Electronic Cigarette Clearomizer Buy Now

This is the eGo-W / F1, 1.8ml clear disposable clearomizer. It is an atomizer and cartridge combined with a wicking system to deliver the liquid to the coil. Supports more vapes due to the 1.8ml capacity and is reusable/refillable. Requires syringe or needle bottle to refill. Compatible with all eGo type batteries. Requires syringe or needle bottle to refill


eGo-W Electronic Cigarette Clearomizer (White) Buy Now




The eVod electronic cigarette clearomizer is a bottom feeding clearomizer which operates dual coils and dual wicks. It is one of the most innovating e-cig versions on the market

The heating coils are placed at the bottom of the clearomizer which give it a gravity flow system to absorb e-liquid.


eVod Electronic Cigarette Clearomizer Buy Now



The CE5+ electronic cigarette clearomizer is an exchangeable & detachable clear clearomizer with 6 long wicks instead of the usual 2 wicks. It is more economical and adds to another generation of the popular CE type series clearomizers. The CE5+ is made as a new design to allow the user to have an exchangeable clearomizer system. The user can easy replace and/or wash the coil/wick inside should they feel the need to do so.


CE5+ Electronic Cigarette Clearomizer Buy Now

This is the CE4+ disposable clearomizer with round tip. It is the next step in the e-cig clearomizer designed for the eGo, compatible with all eGo series batteries. The CE4+ clearomizer version 2 (V 2). The CE4+ clearomizer provides longer wicks (6 in total) for a more consistent flow of juice to the coil in any position. CE4+ clearomizer has visible markings showing how much e-liquid you have left inside.  


CE4+ Electronic Cigarette Clearomizer Buy Now



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